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About Us


Bullmen Realty is one of the top-notch real estate consulting firms in India that has already blown the trumpet of success many times in the past. Dedication, commitment, trust and honesty are the four pillars on which our company stands. Bullmen Realty was incorporated on 20th January 2015 by CEO and MD, Mr Ankush Jain, with the sole purpose of providing best-in-class and cost-effective real estate properties for our valuable clients.


In just a span of over 3 years, the company has grown tremendously that it has redefined the meaning of words like growth and success.Every new milestone that we achieve is a new benchmark for others to follow.


Bullmen Realty is backed by a team of highly-proficient, conscientious and fervent professionals, who are available to meet all requisitions of the customers. Purchasing a property is one of the toughest jobs for the clients, and requires expert advice, site visits and legal assistance. Hence, our sales experts research everything on your behalf to bring the best property deal for you.


Apart from offering real estate expertise, we provide a comprehensive guide to property documentation process and financial services to make your property buying journey a memorable affair of life.

Corporate Profile


Commitment, transparency, loyalty and excellent customer service are not merely some words, but the foundation stones on which we have built our company. Bullmen Realty stands true and intact to all the core principles and ethos since the time of its inception on 20th January 2015. The company was founded by our CEO and MD, Mr Ankush Jain with an aim to amalgamate clients with their dream homes and office spaces.


With nothing in his hand Mr Ankush Jain, the Captain of Bullmen ship, begin this voyage and sailed it successfully amidst the gigantic crests and troughs of the real estate. He and his entire team are fully devoted to offer such a sales experience to our valuable customers that they can cherish their home buying journey for the lifetime.


Our professionalism and proficiency can be seen from the fact that we have worked with almost all the big names in the real estate business lobby of the country. A few of the projects that we have dealt with are: “Godrej Golf Link, Noida, “Godrej Nest, Noida”, “Godrej Nature Plus, Gurgaon”, “Godrej 24, Pune”, “Lodha Amara, Mumbai”, “Lodha Goldmine, Mumbai”, “Lodha Casa Celeste, Thane”,  “Lodha Big League, Mumbai”, “Lodha Splendora, Thane”, “Tata Value Homes, Noida”, “Supertech Supernova, Noida”, “Supertech Eco Village, Noida”, “ATS Le Grandiose, Noida”, “ATS Picturesque, Noida”, “Assotech Business Cresterra, Noida”, “SamridhiLuxuriya Avenue, Noida”, “Samridhi Grand Avenue, Noida”, “Mahagun Meadows, Noida”, “Purvanchal Royal City, Noida”, “Sikka Kamya Greens, Noida”, “Sikka Kaamna Greens, Noida” and “Sikka Kapital Grand, Noida” among others.


In this world of real estate, the customers are players and developers are a playground, and we are here to help our customers to learn this game and make things easier for them. For us, this is just the beginning of our journey. There is a lot more to learn and a lot more to explore, which we will surely do.

MD’s Profile

A Delhi University alumnus, Mr. Ankush Jain left his high paying job to bring a revolutionary change in the mammoth world of the Indian real estate through his sheer vision and hard-earned experience. It is his hardship and dedication towards his work that Bullmen Realty is on the right path of achieving new heights.

The founder of Bullmen Realty, Mr Ankush Jain is the first generation entrepreneur of the family and dons many hats as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director (MD) of the company. A young, diligent, passionate, zealous, and a self-made man, the job of fostering the organisation and managing it with utmost professionalism falls directly on his shoulder.


Mr Ankush Jain is not just a successful entrepreneur but is a kind of person who believes in making most of every opportunity that comes in his way. He strongly believes and emphasis in offering an incomparable home buying experience to its clients. Mr. Ankush Jain knows that it is not just the money but also a plethora of emotions that are involved in the journey of purchasing a dream home. His professionalism and honesty is regarded as an example in the real estate business lobby. It is because of this wonderful personality attributes that the biggest of builders and developers wants to become a part of Bullmen Realty.



Some may dream of becoming the best real estate consultancy firm in National Capital Region, whereas some may think of achieving the annual turnover in crores. But, we aspires of earning the trust and loyalty of our customers that whenever they will think of buying or recommending a property, only one name evokes in their mind, Bullmen Realty.We envision our success not from the profits we reap, but the broadness of the smile that come on the face of our most valuable customers while entering the doorstep of their dream home.


Committed to people, committed to future. These words truly express the mission of Bullmen Realty and emanates the values we share with our clients. This emphasis our respect for the customers, value creating and contribution to the society. These principals and philosophies have inspired us to fulfil our corporate social responsibilities and bring a difference in the lives of our customers by offering a high quality of life.


Even if we may face challenges tomorrow, our mission will aspire and motivates us to stay on the path that we have envisioned. We endeavour to serve the needs of our customers simply by implementing forward looking corporate strategies while carrying out responsive business activities. As good corporate citizens, we actively contributes to the future goals of the society.

MD Message


Bullmen Realty is deeply committed towards its clients in buying a property that not just suit their budget but also match all their requirements. The faith and loyalty of our customers is what that inspire us to walk on the path of success. Our team of fervent professionals stand by your side at every stage of buying residential or commercial properties. From researching and finding the best real estate deals to documentation and loan approval process, you can literally relay on us for everything. The glimpse of our principles and ethos are seen from the class of services and the fulfilment that our valuable clients experience while stepping-in to their dream property. Some see their success in their bank balance, for us it lies in the smiles of our customers.