6 Reasons Why You Should Draft a Will???
6 Reasons Why You Should Draft a Will???

Why should you draft a Will? As you have read this statement, I hope this question might have echoed several times in your head. Drafting a Will is perhaps one of the most crucial things that you can do to save your family from any disputes after your death. A Will can not only legally protect your assets, spouse and children, but it can also explain that how you want to get your things handled after your demise. Without a legal Will, your estate and assets will be distributed as per the generic laws in the state. But, in a country like India, where some people are attentive enough to know the importance of making a Will, there are others, who hardly give a damn to this legal stuff. So, this post is meant to dispense this information that why you should draft a Will.

To Avoid Family Disputes

It is one of the biggest reasons that most intestate consider to have a will is the fact that they don’t want their family members to get into any legal disputes. Having a Will assures that your savings and possessions are in the hands of those whom you wished to. It is like a shield that can protect your family members if in case any of your close friends or relatives claim to the part of your estate or savings. With a Will in hand, your family members can tackle any legal battle in a better way.

To Appoint a Guardian for Vulnerable or Young Beneficiary

It is always said that no one knows the betterment of their children than a parent. A Will or Testament offers you a flexibility to make a decision that who will take care of your children after your decease. If a Will is absent, the court takes the responsibility itself to choose with whom your children would stay until they reach 18. A Will allows you to nominate a guardian to take good care of your children.

To Keep Your Possessions for the Next Generation

You can stay assured that all your savings, assets and possessions are in the safe hands of your family members for the future. This way, your possessions are passed on to your forthcoming generations.

To Disinherit Individuals From your Possessions

A Will also provide you with an option to disinherit individuals who may become legally inherit a part of your possessions if you die unexpectedly. Wills specifically outline that between whom your estate should be distributed. Without a Will, there is a chance that even those, whom you are not intended to offer even a penny can take benefits of your hard-earned savings.

To Donate Possessions to Charity

Apart from securing future of your children and dear ones, you can use your Will as a tool to offer a part of your savings to charity or for any other noble cause. A Will can also be used in a condition if you do not wish to give anything from your possessions to any of your legal heirs or loved ones. In this case, you can offer all your assets, savings or possessions to your favourite charity.

Because Tomorrow is not Promised

One can never predict what future holds for you. We are not immortal souls. A sudden death is a part of human life and it can happen with any of us. In order to avoid any added stress on the family during such an emotional time, it can sound a wiser decision to meet a real estate lawyer and ask him to draw a Will on your behalf.

We have heard it many-a-times that precaution is always better than cure, but only a few of us implement this proverb in reality. The sudden demise of someone is an incredibly hard truth of life. So, take help from an expert in this matter and safeguard your family’s future from any legal battle.


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