The drawing room is the place, where all your guests and relatives come, sit and dine. It is like a glimpse of how your home might look actually. So, decorating it to the best is the foremost thing for all of us.

India is well-known in throughout the globe for its opulent style of decoration, and its richness can be seen in the centuries-old palaces, forts, temples, and the dresses worn by the princess. There is something in decorating your drawing room in Indian style that it can hypnotise anyone in one go. This is one of the prime reasons that numerous high-end hotels in India and abroad opt for Indian style of decoration to lure travellers from different corners of the world. This is why if you are planning to decorate drawing room in Indian style, then here’s how you can begin with.

Hundreds of years back, the drawing room was just like any other room, where ladies of the house used to sit and gather after dinner when their men were used to engage in sipping their wine and smoke.

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