A renowned Roman philosopher has said a very famous proverb, “home is where the heart is”. But, it is your duty to inspect and maintain your home to keep it in a good shape. With maintenance, we don’t mean to only look after its exteriors walls, we also want you to keep a tab on its internal conditions, especially its roof. Hence, we at Bullmen Realty are writing some tips to check the condition of your roof.

Regular Roof Inspections

Inspecting your roof doesn’t require any rocket science. It is a simple process to check if there are any cracks in it or not. But if in case, you find one or there is a leakage from your roof during rains, then take it as an alarm bell. Apart from this, you can seek help from an expert and take recommendations regarding the preventive measures and requisite repairing to keep the roof in its best possible condition.

Roofs are vulnerable to extreme weather condition and the defects that arise due to poor construction quality. So, its repair becomes mandatory without any ignorance.

Roof Maintenance

Even if you have a commercial or residential roof, you have invested an important part of your savings in purchasing it. Therefore, their time-to-time repairing and services are essential to keep it protected from external forces. If you try to skip roof maintenance process, there is a strong possibility that you may have to bare unexpected expenses on its repairing or any mishap can occur.

Clean All the Debris

Most of the houses have drains on the roof, so it becomes necessary to clean all the debris. The debris collected in the drains cause water logging issues during rains and monsoons. When water gets collected on the roof, it started creating an ideal situation for moss, mould and rots to grow on it. So, before the arrival of monsoon, clean your roof with the help of a broom so that you can safeguard it from becoming a pool of water.

Remove Moss and Moulds

Mosses are the unwanted flowerless plant that usually grows in shady and damp locations. They can cause such damages to your roof, which become a pain to repair. Mosses and moulds try to infiltrate beneath the roof in quest of extra shade and then pushes it to expand. They even hinder the tract of debris to wash off from the rain water. This ultimately results in water leakage when it rains heavily. In order to protect your roof from mosses and molds, you can use sprays, which can break them chemically and their residue can be easily washed away with the rain.


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