Noida Day: 4 Things Noida Expects to Change This Year

On 17th April, Noida celebrated its 43rd Noida Day. Even after 43 years of coming into existence, the residents here still face many issues which are ultimately making their lives difficult.

Noida Day: 4 Things Noida Expects to Change This Year
Noida Day: 4 Things Noida Expects to Change This Year

The New Okhla Industrial Development Area which we usually call Noida celebrated its 43rd Noida Day on 17th April 2019. The city was established as a satellite town in 1976 by Sanjay Gandhi during the time of Emergency Period (1975–1977). At that time, Delhi was bearing a lot of burden on its shoulders, hence many favoured its establishment and Noida actually came into its existence. Back then, it was just a piece of agriculture. However, owing to rapid industrialisation in the last past decade, it has become one of the most favourable destinations for both home buyers as well as investors.

But, even after numerous developments in all these years, it still lacks a few things that hinder it from becoming a world-class city. So, this Noida Day, here are some things Noida expects to change this year.

Power Cuts

Power cuts are nothing new for Noida and it is surely a thing of an utmost disappointment for the residents of the city. However, the biggest irony is, even after spending a good time of the day in darkness, the electricity bill leaves no chance to make a hole in their pockets.

The condition is, most housing societies in Noida are forced to make the electricity arrangements on their own. For this, the residents have to pay extra charges for the power backup which ultimately add into their agony.

However, the Uttar Pradesh government has been saying to make it a no-outage zone but these claims have yet to come into reality.

We hope, this Noida Day, the city to become no-tripping zone this year.

Illegal Encroachments

Another problem that has become a pain for Noida residents is illegal encroachments. The problem is more severe in commercial areas. You either walk to one of the popular shopping centres or any commercial centre, you will always find illegal encroachments hindering your way.

The extent of difficulty is so grave that instead of walking on the pavements meant for pedestrians, they are helpless to walk on the streets. There are so many stalls and kiosks on the footpath that walkers have to find their ways negotiating the heavy traffic.

We again hope that this Noida Day, the authority may take some serious steps in the direction and make footpaths free from illegal encroachments.

Traffic and Parking Issues

It is only the residents of Noida who knows how difficult it is for them to travel in the city. The figure of vehicles running in Noida has been shot up significantly in the last past decade. Thanks to the rise in the number of people shifting their base here owing to the options available in the affordable housing than Delhi. However, with time, Noida Administration failed to cope up with the increasing pressure on the city roads. The fact is, the city lacks enough traffic personnel to handle extreme traffic during peak hours.

Another issue that the residents face here is parking woes. Be it Sector 18 Atta Market or Brahmaputra Market in Sector 29, illegal parking on the road is something that seriously needs the solution in this year’s Noida Day.


The residents here need at least one to one and a half hour to reach nearest Indira Gandhi International Airport. To give some relief, the government proposed the construction of Jewar Airport in 2001. Since that time, its construction is yet to come into reality.

However, the Uttar Pradesh government has recently started doing land acquisition for Jewar Airport. This Noida Day, all that we can expect is its construction work to begin soon.


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