Smartphone-Enabled Appliances for Home Automation
Smartphone-Enabled Appliances for Home Automation

Mobile phones have changed our lives enormously in the last past decade. There was a time when messages were used to send through telegrams, but now smartphones have enabled us to do that in just a click. Even the home appliances have become smarter as well as Wi-Fi and mobile-enabled. So, take a look to know what are those latest devices and how they can make a difference to your life.

Philips Hue

Smartphone-Enabled Appliances for Home Automation

Conventional bulbs are not at all flexible and usually comes to glow only with a single colour. But, contrary to these conventional/mainstream lights, Philips Hue are the smart bulbs of the 21st century. Enabled with Wi-Fi, these can be controlled directly with a smartphone. For this purpose, Philips has launched mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices. From white light to full spectrum of colours, you can light Philips Hue for all set of moods.

One of the key features of Philips Hue is that it can change its intensity and due to this, you can emanate the feeling of sunrise inside your room. If in case you are not at home, but want others to feel as if you are inside then you can turn on or off the bulb utilising the schedule function in the Philips Hue app. This can help in at bay as they will think that someone is inside.

iRobot Vacuum Cleaners

Smartphone-Enabled Appliances for Home Automation

Using vacuum cleaners are the days of the past now as they are now replaced by iRobot vacuum cleaners. From dust and pollen to allergens and pet hairs, this disc-shaped robot can clean everything efficiently. These robots can automatically self-adjustable to all the surfaces as they move through the rooms. iRobot Vacuum Cleaners are equipped with iadapt responsive cleaning technology, which can monitor the areas around the room using multiple sensors. It can be scheduled through your mobile to clean your home even at times when you are not there at home. The cliff sensors in the robot help it to avoid stairs while cleaning.

These robotic vacuum cleaners have three-stage cleaning system. The front bottom has a spinning side brush, which cleans along the wall edges. In the back, it has two counter-rotating brushes, which scoop up dust and debris. The third stage has a powerful vacuum that pulls everything into the bin. Due to its compact size, it is able to clean easily even at the areas that are hard to reach.

LG’s Smart ThinQ Refrigerator

Smartphone-Enabled Appliances for Home Automation

Going to buy grocery, but forget to bring the list of the required vegetables. Now, you don’t need to worry or call someone to check the quantity veggies available at home. LG’s Smart ThinQ Refrigerator are here that are smart enough to take most of your pain on its head. The refrigerator is well-equipped with the latest technologies, such as Wi-Fi, touch screen and mobile connectivity among others. On the touch screen, you can find family-friendly features like Google calendar, creating memos, grocery list and smart saving options. These smart refrigerators can also update you about the expiry of the food inventory that you have placed inside. The best out of all this is the fact that this smart refrigerator can suggest you that what meals you can cook as per its availability and expiry.

We are living in the 21st century, so as rest of the world is getting smarter, we also need to become smarter with it. And home automation is one of those things, to begin with. It’s time now when you should replace your older home appliances with Wi-Fi and mobile-enabled devices.


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