In India, where myriad of people have to relocate in other states and outside the country for jobs and to fulfil work commitments, taking care of senior citizens has become a matter of concern. You stay in stress for their safety and security. You remain tensed if they are taking medicines on time or not. Even a single thought of watching them in pain because of any mishap gives you nightmares. Simply, you sit in the cubical of your office in any other state, but your heart and mind lie at your home for your elderly parents. However, we have tried to accumulate some tips to make sure that the senior citizens are safe from any unpleasant situation. Take a look.

Avoid Slippery Floors

The old age for an elder can become a daunting experience if they fall on a slippery floor. The figure says that a maximum number of people over the age of 60 becomes a victim of slippery floors. These accidents can be prevented by taking some simple precautions. Some of them are given below:

  • Remove carpets and floor mats that are prone falls and accidents
  • Install lever door handles so that elders can unlock them without a pain
  • Place electrical switches and plug points at a low level
  • Areas, such as kitchen and bathroom, which are prone to spills should be provided with non-slip mats
  • Avoid spiralling staircase, which can cause dizziness
  • Install a buzzer on the bedside of the senior citizen so that they can use it to call house members in case of any emergency

Proper Lighting at the House

Whosoever is born has to reach old age and with it, comes one of the biggest issues of all time, loss of eye vision. Even if they wear spectacles, it should be a thing of responsibility for the members to make the house well illuminated for them. Galleries, stairs and hallways should be paid special attentions, when you know that there is an old-aged member at your home. Apart from this, talk to the senior members of your home. Ask them if they need better lighting at the specific area of the house.

Make the Bathroom Fall-Proof

The bathrooms are one of the most dangerous areas for elderlies. Just a slip on the bathroom floor, and there entire old-age period becomes a tiring responsibility for the home members. So, initiatives should be taken from the home members to make the bathroom a safer place for the elders.

  • Install hand railing and grab bars to reduce any chance of having a fall
  • Place hand-held shower and shower chair to make your bathroom friendly for senior citizens
  • The bathroom floor should be made in a way that there is no scope left for waterlogging

An elder at home is not less than a God’s blessing for the family members. But these days, the trend is changing. People have started taking them not as responsibility but as a burden. However, the fact is, we all have to pass from the same age and one day we will also become a burden for our younger ones. So, instead of carrying forward this narrow mentality we should work towards making our home a better place for them so that they can spend their last few years in peace.


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