Why Rent Agreement Registration is Important?


How to Register a Rent Agreement?

At a time, when the disputes between landlord and tenants have seen a meteoric rise, it is really important to safeguard the property with lease or rent agreement. Thereafter, registering it at sub-registrar’s office.

Rental agreements are served as a legal binding that safeguards the rights of both, the tenant and the landlord, in case of any conflicts.

So, this post is to tell that why rent agreement is important and how you can register it. Take a look.

When You Can Register a Rent Agreement?

As per the Registration Act, 1908, which is applied to all the Indian states (Jammu and Kashmir is exceptional), leasing is included with the entities like commercial property, residential property, hereditary allowances, ferries or any other advantages that arise from a land. Hence, these properties should be properly registered when is given on lease for a time period of more than 11 months to a tenant.

How to Register a Rent Agreement?

Rent agreement can be registered at the local sub-registrar’s office. Time plays a crucial role in the deed creation. It is important to keep a tab that the registration of rent agreement is done at least four months prior to deed expiration. In case anyone is failed to meet the deadline, you will need to create a fresh deed for rent agreement.

Both parties, tenant as well as the landlord, along with two eyewitnesses should be presented at the time of the registration of rent agreement. If both parties are unable to come for rent agreement, thy need to sign the Power of Attorney, stating that the landlord is granting attorney rights to the tenant.

What are the Documents Needed for Rent Agreement Registration?

  • One photograph of each witness and two photos of both landlord and tenant.
  • Photocopies of both the address of landlord, tenant and witnesses that includes Aadhar Card, Bank Passbook, Passport, Driving License or Ration Card.
  • Route map of the leased property.

Can we Register Rent Agreement Online?

As of now, online rent agreement registration is not possible. Landlord, tenant and witnesses have to visit the sub-registrar office and get their deed register.


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